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What sn interesting idea.

Very interesting idea. I wonder what you have in mind!

A friend of mine, Karen Gloeggler, wrote a quilt book of quilts inspired by Jane Austen's books a couple of years ago. It was published by APQS, I believe. I have a version of her Northanger Abbey quilt in the book. I finished stitching down the binding while Hurricane Sandy roared through. However, I do not believe any of the quilts featured appliqué, although I remember vintage handkerchiefs in one design. Jane herself actually made a quilt, which is on display in England. English paper-pieced diamonds. It was the inspiration for Karen's book.

I love Jane Austen. Would love to see a BOM with her and her books (and heroines) featured.

Yes! I love anything with a Jane Austen theme!

I would love a Jane Austen themed quilt! I know someone else did one a while back, it would be fun to compare.

Another fun one might be a "No 1 Lady's Detective Agency" quilt. An opportunity to use batiks, and maybe throw in some wildlife squares as well!

Or what about an Audobon quilt? Various birds.....

A Jane Austen themed quilt would be interesting and fun to make.

j'aime beaucoup les ouvrages de jane austen, je suis très intéressée par un quilt. bravo pour vos réalisations!

Hi Erin,
A Jane Austen themed BOM?? YES PLEASE, that would be fantastic. You don't hear from me much but I read every letter you write. Big hug for you from the Netherlands.

I am very interested. I think this would be lots of fun.

I think a Jane Austen theme is a great idea. Of course, you know we'll do whatever you decide. :)

Such a classic quilting lady. Of course, Jane Austen would be fun!

seria una gran idea.buenisimo, lo que tu desidas gran mujer.

Yes that would be fun! If you need anyone for test blocks I'm game!!

Found your blog from LeeAnn over at Podunk Pretties, she's a fan of yours! And I can see why! I'm loving all you appliqué patterns and wonderful designs. From now on , I'm in :) Amie

I love all things related to Jane, so yes I would love to see a Jane Austin themed quilt.

lovely post

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