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im really drawn to the brown fabric design do you actually sell fabric? or just like designing at this point?

You can't go wrong with a good dot or stripe. Maybe also a few vine-y tone-on-tones. You could also do another colorway in blues. And a signature print in a larger scale that used both....

Or, maybe that is too many ideas.

Whatever you decide to do, I like what you have done already.

dots and stripes are a part of every collection. But a dot doesn't have to be a circle. The small buds in your design above would make a lovely dot. You could also make a small leaf and it would read as a dot from a distance. Don't be afraid of a barely there or embossed fabric either. :) hope it helps!

Erin, I like the idea of a dot using the gold that's the center of the flowers.
I would also consider an additional colorway or two-blue and maybe a burgundy.
Stripes could incorporate all the colors of the print.

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