> Applique Tutorial

1.Applique Supplies
10.Folding over the turn under allowance
11.Pressing the shape
12.Bumps can be fixed by re-applying starch and pressing again
13.Applying starch to correct a bump
14.Folding the point
15.Applying starch to the point
16.Pressing the point
17.Pressed point
18.Finished shape
19.Pressing inside point
2.Pattern and template material
20.Press inside points first
21.Circles traced on fusible web
22.Fusible web on batting
23.Circles with batting fused
24.Sewing around circle
25.Place circle template on top of batting and pull
26.Pulling thread to make a circle
27.Threading Bias Tape Maker
28.Pressing with Bias Tape Maker
29.Sewing Bias Stem for Bias Bar
3.Stencil brush
30.Trimming fabric for Bias Stem
31.Turning Fabric on Bias Bar
32.Pressing with Bias Bar
34.Start stitching by slipping needle into fold on applique shape (on the front of the block)
35.Starting the stitch
36.Coming up through the applique
37.Pushing the needle
38.Pulling the thread
39.Starting the knot
4.Starch, stencil brush and the bottle I use to dilute starch
40.Making a knot
41.A knot
42.Guiding thread
43.Guide thread between applique shape and background, coming up a little away from the knot
44.Finished knot
45.Finished back
5.Trace pattern onto template material
6.After cutting template out check for bumps and file off with fingernail file
7.Trace template onto wrong side of fabric
8.Clip Inside Curves
9.Applying starch